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In 2002, Kenneth began studying under Sifu John Judd in Roswell, GA, during this time he studied a yin/yang dagger style, modified Chen 18 movement form, and began exploring meditation breathing techniques from seated/standing postures and while in movement of the Tai Chi forms along with further application on the martial aspects of Tai Chi.  In 2004 while training in Roswell he was introduced to Sifu Katherine Myrick.

In 2005 Kenneth started studying in Norcross, GA as a private student of Sifu Katherine. He and began to assist in teaching beginning level classes at her request, and under her guidance. During his studies with Sifu Katherine they worked on Hsing-I 5 roads and 12 animals, various Tai Chi weapons Straight Sword, Broad Sword, and Iron Fan, and delved further into BaGua and Chi Kung.

In 2008, under recommendation of Sifu Katherine, Kenneth was awarded his teaching certification from her teacher, Elder Master Gary Grooms.  2009 Associate Master Kofi Smith took over the day to day running of the Norcross school and Kenneth began his training with him. 

In 2010 under recommendation of Sifu Katherine, Master Kofi, and Master Reid, Kenneth was awarded the title of Sifu by Elder Master Gary Grooms.​

​In 2011 Sifu Kenneth brought his passion for teaching and martial arts closer to home and began teaching Tai Chi in Dawsonville where he lives with his wife and children. He continues his studies under Master Michael Reid of Reid’s Premier Martial Arts.
Sifu Kenneth Jones began his training in 1999 in Shaolin KungFu (an "External" Martial Art) under Master Michael Reid with the Shaolin Centers of Atlanta in Marietta, GA.  There was a requirement for anyone wanting test through to black belt to take the 1st level of the Internal Martial Arts program. (This is the same Yang style Tai Chi that Sifu Kenneth now teaches in Level 1 of the program offered by the Tai Chi Center of North Georgia.) It was at that time Kenneth’s passion and love for Tai Chi began.  He switched focus from the “External” program to the “Internal”.  Later in 2000 he began his study of classical BaGua Zhang and was first introduced to long form Chen style Tai Chi.